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Our partner airlines work with us because they believe in the value of our new and innovative approach to attracting and selecting pilots. We have taken every opportunity to gain feedback from them to enhance our recruitment services and, in doing so, bring together candidates and airlines in an open and collaborative way. Partnering with Pilot in Command gives airlines the opportunity to reach future employees through a single channel, providing a methodology for fine-tuning search criteria to reach pilots who are the closest match, and communicating only with those pilots genuinely interested in a new opportunity with the airline.

  • AirAsia and Pilot in Command
  • Aerlingus and Pilot in Command
  • Norwegian Airlines and Pilot in Command


There are approx.
130,000 commercial
pilots around
the World


Boeing and Airbus
have in excess of 42,000 aircraft currently in operation.


There are 55 key city airports with more than 10,000 daily long-haul passengers.


Boeing estimates
that 558,000 additional pilots will be needed by 2035

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Smart matching algorithm

Platform links pilots with airlines. There is an accurate match between their requirements and your experience.

Career Dropbox

You can save all your career related data securely with Pilot in Command including CV, flight logs and references.

Direct Employer Contact

Pilot in Command facilitates direct contract between pilots and airlines. No middlemen or recruiters. You can reach out directly to airlines of interest to you through this platform.

CV generator

Looking for a new role but haven’t prepared a CV? On Pilot in Command you can use our ‘CV Generator’ functionality, tailored specifically for pilots, to allow you include all information airlines require to consider you for a new position.

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